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Tournaments with expensive buy-in amounts are not just for those with big wallets.

Some large tournaments have mega-sized prize pools for winners to profit from. This comes at a price, namely in the shape of a larger buy-in in order to enter the tournament. This large buy-in often acts a deterrent for players from registering directly for the tournament.

A Satellite is a poker tournament that offers players a cost effective way to be able to play a big buy-in tournament. The winner of a Satellite has access to the highly envied seat in a big buy-in tournament. From the players perspective it’s a dream come true as he is paying a much lower fee than what the full buy-in is and still stands to win a massive prize pool.

How a Satellite Tournament Works

Poker is foremost a game of skill and we at feel we must encourage skilled online poker players. So, we ensure that players receive the opportunity to participate in the online poker tournaments regardless of whether they can afford expensive buy-ins or not.

Thus, players wanting to participate in a tournament with buy-in fees have two options: one is the straightforward method of simply paying the fees involved, but there’s also the option of winning a seat the hard way. The latter can be done by playing satellites meant specifically for the tournament mentioned earlier. These satellite tournaments have very tiny fees as compared to the tournament they are meant for.

If you can use your skills to win a ticket to the tournament, and then ultimately win that too, it would be an immense return on investment for you.

A satellite tournament can be in stages or can directly lead to the main tournament. A multi-stage satellite tournament sees players advance to higher tiers, winning till they reach the final stage for a shot at victory. Players who have missed the initial stages, or been knocked out, still have an option to enter the middle stages, but the buy-in fees rises with each level. Please note that no such buy-in applies to players who are advancing to the next stage by virtue of having won.

Fees to Satellite Tournaments

The Fee for a satellite tournament will be shown by clearly stating both the buy-in amount and the entry fee.

A cost of ‘30+ 3’ indicates that the buy-in is 30, and the entry fee is 3. The 30 goes to the prize pool which the players compete for, while the 3 entry fee is taken as compensation for hosting the tournament.*