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Freezeout poker tournaments are suitable for players with a reasonable amount of online poker experience. Often, owing to the prestige associated, these are also among the more popular online poker tournaments, and there is huge participation. hosts daily online poker freezeout tournaments just for you and to sweeten the deal; they have a minimum guaranteed prize pool, so it’s a definite win-win for you.

A methodical poker strategy brings you one step closer to that large stack of cash you would love to win, but be very careful. Once you are out of chips, you’ve lost your shot at fame.

The weekly freezeout multiplayer tournament is an extreme stack tournament; each player will start with 3,000 in chips and blind levels will increase every 15 minutes.

Freezeout tournaments test a different set of skill of a poker player. Can you out last the huge fields? Freezeout Tournaments


You will notice in all online poker rooms is that most of the multiplayer online poker tournaments played are “freezeouts”. There’s a common misunderstanding players have are between Freezeouts and Rebuy tournaments: in a rebuy multiplayer tournament, if a player loses all their chips, they will have the option to “re-buy” more chips usually for the same amount as the initial buy-in, whereas a Freezeout poker tournament has a set buy-in for entering and when you lose all your chips, you are out of the poker tournament.